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About Us

George School of Competitive Exams, a unit of The George Telegraph Group established in 1920, is dedicated to provide guidance and coaching of utmost quality in a scientific manner through a systematic modern teaching techniques to the youth. GSCE helps them in realizing their true potential by securing qualifying marks in different competitive exams and making them eligible for the relevant job market. GSCE has the right opportunity to groom students to get success with full confidence by making them perfect in knowledge and time management.

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Mr. Avijit Kundu

Welcome ! Achievement is a life-long journey and every one hankers after it. But congratulations in advance! You are at the doorstep of success. You just need to step forward with firm feet. Today's tough and tight competition needs proper estimation even with minimum time taken. If you desire to come up with your inherit potential, make you complaint with proper guidance and assiduous performance.
Be optimistic and do everything possible for you. Besides, for all government job aspirants, GSCE is with you to judge and edge you to make your advance level effort fruitful and guide you to the summit of success.

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Mr. Haranath Das

GSCE believes in word of mouth. In our unique concept of sure success we follow the comprehensive methodology where there are three prominent steps i.e. preliminary, main and interview. By following all these steps the fear of performing in the actual exam is evaporated and it inculcates a deep confidence and optimistic zeal in every job aspirant's mind. The latest management and teaching methodology always helps the fresh starters. Slowly but surely GSCE takes place in these blooming minds and they come out with amazing confidence and immense success which is the true password of GSCE.

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Mr. Ayan Sarkar

For the last two decades GSCE, a unit of The George Telegraph Group is the mounting sun for all laborious job seekers and the standing pillar of career foundation in Eastern India. Around four hundred faculty members, research fellows and staff are giving their constant vigil for the best of the students and wholeheartedly enhancing this organization's reputation. More to the point, GSCE library acts an essential role with its huge reference books while assisting our students with adequate authority. As a result, thousands of students have already been appointed in various state and central level government offices. GSCE is not only an organization but also such holy sanctum where every trainee builds his/her career confidently.


To achieve 100% success in Government Jobs preparation through unique tactics, Mock Test and Online Examinations to get all students, parents and teachers at the same platform. To participate in education enhancement activities so as to exceed set future standards.

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Our mission is to be the global leader in education industry, offering outstanding education services for Competitive Examination coaching to all in terms of quality and innovation making us consistently a student’s first choice. 1. Our basic motto is to constantly improve and strengthen the positive impact. We have on our students and society, helping them in transforming their lives through our dedication and hard-work. This encourages us to make a difference to the society. 2. We persistently strive to innovate finding new and more efficient ways to educate and serve students. 3. We keep both standard and expectations high for our students and ourselves.

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