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Examination Process (Offline)

Class Test

*Regular basis 10 minutes class test is given by the faculty at the beginning of every class

*After the Test is over, the faculty concerned clears the doubts by pin-pointing the pros and cons of the individual student.

*Student can make out the question pattern on an individual chapter

*Student can learn time management, self analytical process and clarification.

*Publishing result in the Notice Board

*Learning procedure of the full utilization of time schedule by the application of short 'Class Test' and thus acquiring complete knowledge on a particular chapter with its competitive effectively

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Mock Test

Before every forth-coming examination 5-8 indispensable mock tests are taken and under strict invigilation students get the exact environment of the Actual Exam by using OMR sheet etc.

Its Necessity :

*Comprehension of Exam related Syllabus and Question Pattern

*A student can compare his/her present growth rate with other competitors

*Learning the procedure how to complete the full answer sheet without leaving anything by applying time management technique

*Getting the actual environment of Exam Hall

Procedure :

*Before a candidate appear for Mock Test GSCE takes care of the successful completion of Class Work, Class Test, Judge Yourself and provides required Study Materials

*Strict maintaining of fixed Mock Exam Schedule

*Students get the Mock Exam question paper immediately after the end of the exam.

*Within 7 days students get their Mark Sheet and Answer with detailed clarification.

Achievement :

*Rapid self development with complete exam based preparation

*The valuable last minute suggestion is given only after appearing for at least 80% Mock Exams.

*1:1 Success

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Examination Process (Online)

Online Mock Test is also an important part in the throughout preparation for different competitive exams. GSCE gives every student a unique student ID number and with the help of it any student can avail himself/herself of this opportunities.

Online Examination Portal

GSCE Students can appear for better performance through Online Examination Portal.
This portal will help you to prepare yourself for Central & State level of Examination in India.

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