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Under Careful guidance of the Honourable Directors, a group of experienced teachers and subject experts are continuously working for providing better service to every student. They take classes at Sealdah as well as branches with the efficiency and dedication. Their punctuality, responsibility and disciplined guidance are paving the path of success for every Govt. Job aspirant.

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Student Care Officer (SCO)

Offering students the best service is our object, therefore, we have "Student Care Officers". They perform the following duties :

*Helping newly admitted students

*Notifying of Up-coming Exam Schedule i.e. Syllabus, Exam Pattern, Age limit etc. to every class.

*Assisting a student who wants to transfer from one batch / branch to another one

*Giving Class Routine and informing students Special Class, Exam Schedule etc.

*Helping Course Exam Schedule, Study Material distribution date etc.

*Taking individual care and making the bridge with guardians for all round perfection

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Course Mentor (CM)

Course mentors make the bridge in between GSCE service section and individual student by performing the following responsibilities.

* Making Class Schedule slip for the teachers everyday

* Distributing Class Test and publication of Mock Exam results

* Collecting copies of 'Judge Yourself' (Home Work) and returning the same after being checked by the faculty concerned

* Writing Notice, fixing up it and time to time changing of contain

* Filling-up class wise attendance records and Syllabus-wise class upgradation

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